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Individual Video

  • Personalized and edited footage taken from a pro-style workout that highlights the player’s best attributes. Video link shared with student-athlete as well as attached to his player profile.
  • Allows college coach to evaluate without being present
  • Shows player’s consistencies and projectability
  • Easily accessible for both student-athlete and college coach
  • Able to show growth both physically and athletically
  • Convenience for player and organization

“Recruiting videos are an important tool for prospective student-athletes and for college coaches. They provide a quick snapshot of the overall abilities that the prospective student-athlete possesses and give coaches an idea of what their project-ability could be down the line and when they reach the college level. It also provides an opportunity for a PSA to get an evaluation from a coach when the coach might not have the ability or capacity to see him play.” – Current Patriot League Recruiting Coordinator

Organizational Video

  • We will come to your facility or host your entire program (minimum of 25 players) at our facility. We will film the day, edit, and upload videos to our YouTube page. Each player will receive a shareable link to the video within 2 weeks’ time.

“The need for video has become essential for us as a program. Often times, I am unable to see players due to scheduling conflicts, recruiting restrictions, and the vast amount of tournaments and teams playing travel ball. Having an accessible video allows not only me to get eyes on a player, but it makes it much easier to for our head coach to see a player that I recommend as a potential recruiting prospect. Players that are able to show multiple videos over a period of time are even better because it gives us insight on how a player has developed both in terms of skills and body strength and size.” -Current Big East Recruiting Coordinator