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What are the costs for each product?

$199 for video, $199 for ID Camp, $999 for a year of advising

What are the benefits of advising?

We are a reputable company that instantly gives players credibility with collegiate programs and recruiters. Our mission is to save you time and energy while using our resources to assist you and your son in both his development as a player as well as your knowledge and understanding of the recruiting process.

What is the turnaround time for videos?

For players that wish to create a professional video, our return time is two weeks.

Why should you use ASBA?

ASBA opened its first facility in 1998, and the inception of our futures program was in 2007. Since 2007, ASBA has helped advise and guide 400 players onto collegiate baseball playing opportunities including helping our players to be awarded over X dollars in scholarship money. Our qualified, experienced, and professional staff along with our hundreds of collegiate contacts give your child a reputable advocate in the recruitment process.

Who is our staff?

Our staff is made up of former collegiate and professional players and former collegiate recruiting coordinators who have extensive experience with the recruiting process both as players, coaches, advisors, and even some as parents.

What products are right for my son?

Obviously, we feel that video is an absolute must for all players given the large number of players competing to play collegiate baseball and the small amount of time and resources that college coaches have to actually go out and see players. The ID Camp is a great fit for any player looking to get on the radar, establish a profile that can be seen by multiple programs, and get validated and trusted metrics that can be used to market players to college programs. Advising: The college recruitment process is a complex and challenging road to navigate on your own. Our staff has the knowledge to help you and your son understand this process, give you the guidance needed to best help your son not only get better and more marketable to college coaches but also someone you can count on to assist you throughout the process.

Can we guarantee your son will receive a scholarship or roster spot to a collegiate program?

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee this; however, we can guarantee you that we will do everything in our power using the tools at our disposal to give your child options and ability to find the “best fit” for him to pursue his collegiate baseball playing opportunities by using our qualified staff, guidance, database, reputation, fair and honest evaluations, and verified metrics all while promoting your son to the schools we collectively, along with you and your son, decide are target programs.

How long does the advising package last?

The advising package lasts for one full calendar year.

What happens if my son is injured during the time period of the advising package?

If a yearly package is purchased, and the player is injured after the point of sale, the services will continue outside of the playing field as designed by the advisor. Player video/profile creation will be deferred to when the player is healthy.

How many in-person, sit down, meetings are included in the package?

There is a guarantee of one in person sit down meeting. If another meeting is deemed necessary by the advisor, it will be scheduled.

What is the payment structure of the individual college advising package?

An initial deposit of 50% is due at the start of the package. The remaining 50% will be due 30 days after initial deposit is collected.