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Individual Advising

The reality is that most players, parents, and coaches are unaware of the college recruitment process and its complexities. Our individual advising program aims to not only inform and educate our clients about this but to also guide them on their journey into and through the recruitment process in order to help players find the best fit.

  • Skills Videos – Creation and Editing
  • Face-to-face meetings with your Direct Advisor
  • Monthly Phone/Skype sessions to monitor progress and assess the direction
  • Phone and Email consultation with Direct Advisor
  • Player Development Plan construction and coinciding implementation strategies
  • All-encompassing individualized recruiting process guidance
  • Direction on College Coach Communication – Who, What, When, Why?
  • Access to Additional Recruiting Resources (Subscription to weekly/monthly process specific emails, tips, reminders, coach contacts, webinars, periscope sessions, etc.)
  • Continuous objective skill assessment throughout the process — What can the player get better at and what are ways they can do that

Organizational Advising

There is more to the recruitment process than just scheduling tournaments for teams in hopes that their players will get seen, discovered, and recruited. Our organizational advising program’s goal is to assist organizations and their players/families to give them the resources and guidance to market and promote themselves effectively.

  • Customizable Plan – Every player is different, there is no one way to get them to the next level
  • Recruitment Video – Creation and Editing
  • Player Profiles
  • The Truth” presentation
    • All-encompassing presentation that covers all aspects of the college recruiting process
    • Scholarships, recruiting rules, definitions and calendar, communication (email and phone), goal setting, creating a routine, parent and player expectation each year
  • Grad Year specific meetings (freshmen, sophomores, juniors)
  • Coaches clinic
  • Showcase Prep – Showcases can be very intimidating for a young athlete, we break down the process beforehand so that players go into them confident and ready to perform
  • Monthly coach check-ins
  • Schedule creation assistance